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Canon EOS Rebel T2i revisited.

25 Aug

So the last couple of days I got around to updating my Magic Lantern firmware on my camera and I added a couple of new picture styles. I also set my camera up with my computer and with Adobe Lightroom 4. I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time with that program.
Today I took some pictures and videos using the new picture styles and software. As soon as I get them onto my computer I will post my trials. A few weeks ago I brought this Macro Extender for my lens that I got to play around with and man it makes me want to go out and purchase an actual Macro lenses. Man them images are so nice!

Well that’s all for now. I’ll post as soon as I get some free time.


Random Shots taken with Canon t2i

21 Apr
Hey Techsters…these are just a few photos that I took around Baltimore the other day with my DSLR…I started tweaking a few of them in different programs trying to see what I could pull out of them and how I could best take advantage of the composition. I’ll post more sometime next week. I might post the ones that I decide to use as part of my 6X6 series for you guys.
Until then…





Canon Rebel EOS T2i

11 Apr

So I have been playing around with my Canon T2i for a couple of weeks and I got to say, “Man, this is such a good camera!” I found myself looking at a few tutorials on YouTube the other day about the camera and I found out that I have yet to scratch the surface on its awesomeness. This was a great purchase for me.

I want to get some more time in with the camera before I give my full impression of it. But I got to say, so far I am blown away and this in some circles is considered an entry-level, beginner DSLR. I will post my findings for you guys shortly.

Until then…