IOS 5 devices and the need FOR a computer…?

5 Feb

 I wanted to do this post a few weeks ago when it happened but I am just getting around to it.  So one of Apples’ major marketing points for their new operating system IOS5, is that with it you no longer need the use of a PC or MAC.  With the introduction of IOS5, Apple brought about the ability to activate your new devices currently running IOS5 with out the use of a computer. (You do however need access to a Wi-Fi network)  This in theory is a great idea.  Notice I said “In theory”…will revisit that in a few.  

The setup process for a new device running IOS5 is an almost effortless and flawless process if you have a reliable wireless connection.  (I should note that if you are upgrading to IOS5 on your device, it’s not possible to do so without a computer.) One of the new features is the ability to back your device up to iCloud, which is a new service Apple started with IOS5.  iCloud will store all of your purchases made from the iTunes store.  So let’s say you bought iMovie and GarageBand on one device and you bought another device, with iCloud you can then, using the same Apple ID download those apps to the new device.  When you initial activate iCloud, Apple gives you 5GB of storage space free.  You can buy additional tiers of 10, 20, and 50 gigabytes.  Purchases made in iTunes don’t count against your 5GB but your backups do.  So if you are an app-happy person, just be sure that you have enough space in your iCloud account for your backups.  I have given you a somewhat brief overview of IOS5 and it is not my intention to discuss it in full here but if you click here it will point you in the right direction to finding out more of IOS5.

When I started this post I didn’t expect it to be this long but friends will say once I get on a “GEEK-TANGENT,” I am unstoppable. I just thought I would sort of set you guys up for the latter half of this post.  So earlier I mentioned how some of the features in the new IOS5 were good in theory.  The reason I said they were good in theory was because it depended on what kind of user you were.  Like while you don’t need a PC, you can get caught needing to restore your device to factory settings and without a computer if you accidentally hit setup as a new device instead of restore from iCloud back up on your device; you will in essence lose all of your data that didn’t store to iCloud.  Again technically you don’t need a PC but with a PC if you sync your device to it as well, you can then correct that mistake.  (A mistake by the way which I had to learn the hard way) Trust me having that secondary backup is a great thing to have.

I had previously backed up my iPad 2 to my computer (on 11/7) so I had a backup there but here it was beginning of January and only backup I had was the one in iCloud.  I have my iPad set up to back up everytime I connect it power source and it’s on WiFi.  I had to restore my iPad and I had to set it up as a new device.  It was then that I realized just how much of a Catch-22, if you will, iCloud is.  With iCloud you can access your mail, photos, and documents that you have saved to the cloud.  Some data you can see on your device, such as game saves but then everything else you have no real access to.  If you have a PC, you can download a control panel for iCloud but it pretty much allows you to do the same stuff that you can do on your device and on the iCloud website.  Apple needs to have a way for you to access more of your data and backups.  It wasn’t until I lost so much data and info that I decided that from now on because I am fortunate enough to own a PC, I am going to make sure I have a current secondary backup.  Luckily I usually save images of my work to Dropbox or somewhere on my comp so I didn’t lose them.  But just losing all of the app data and books was a wake up call.

So if you are a new IOS5 user, just be aware that your data while it is stored in the cloud will disappear from “YOU” if you don’t restore from a backup or if you have a computer; don’t have a secondary backup.  I am sure at some point Apple we’ll make an app or have some way for you to access that hidden data with out having to dig through hidden file via jailbreak or some other means (Which is a process that is not for the faint of heart). All in all, IOS5 and iCloud is a good operating system/cloud service combo…it just needs a more cohesive functionality before it becomes a great one…


What’s on my IPad…

8 Jan

Hey you guys I just thought I would repost a video that I uploaded to my YouTube channel back in August.  It’s just me running down what I had on my iPad back then at the time.  I have since sold that iPad and gotten myself an iPad 2. Just thought I would share.  I need to shoot another one again real soon.  That’s all for now.  


4 Jan
I am trying to determine the format for this blog.  How informative do I want it to be and just how much devotion do I want to give to it.  I could definitely use it to review apps.  Trust me I could definitely be an app reviewer. I download and try a lot of apps.  But to what level of commitment do I want want to give that?  

Let’s try this…right now I am using this new app that I downloaded this weekend to write this blog.  Blogsy is the name of this app.  This app allows you to post to multiple blogs.  Blogger, WordPress and Posterous are the sites that you currently can post blogs to but you are able to add multiple pages from each.  Right now I have my 2 WordPress blogs and my Blogger blog attached to the app.  I even was able to repost a blog to another blog directly from the app itself.  The app also has a lot of text and font options for it as well.  Once you link you Flickr and/or Picasa account to it you can upload pictures that you can then drag and drop into a post right from the sidebar of the app.  You can also do the same with photos on your device and photos that you have in WordPress upload.  You can add and share media from YouTube as well.  You can link ppl to your other sites or share sites using google search and safari.  And at just $5, it is quite an affordable app for what it does.  I highly recommend this app if you have an IOS device and are a blogger. 


Well I hope you guys enjoyed my little improptu review.  I will probably do more of this in the future, so stay with me and be patient with me as well.  I might not blog as much here a lot but I will not forget you guys. It’s a new blog for me so in the beginning it might be slow coming but just know its coming.  Until the next geeks…

Tech -to- Art

4 Jan

Repost from: A Path to Nirvana
Original posted 11/12/11
So I couldn’t decide on whether or not I wanted to do an actual post this week or do a video.  I decided to just let you know what’s on my mind via letters. So for right now I am going to “Occupy” your eyes;) I picked up my new IPad this week and right out the gate I was amazed with it.  It was as advertised.  Lightweight and fast.  Zooooooommmmm.  I have had some processor unfriendly apps on my first gen iPad that when ever I opened them they would immediately crash.  Even ones that weren’t as powerful would crash.  I can remember always having to open safari back up because it crashed; what a pain!  Sketchbook Pro, was at times extremely unusable.  I could probably get in about 5 minutes in with it and it would crash.  Very frustrating “don’t you know!”  I was using it a few hours ago on my iPad 2 and no problems whatsoever.  At some point I am going to purchase iMovie and begin to do some video editing.  So look for some cool little things by way of video from me in the future.  But enough about my tech obsession.   
Next week I will finally take a vacation this year.  Its been a long year. I am not going anywhere so it will be a “staycation”.  I plan on catching up on some reading, some movies that I have stockpiled and also making some art.  I was telling one of my co-workers how I am going to try and do a lot of drawing next week.  I have been getting a little lax and rusty lately there when it comes to drawing, so what better time then a staycation then to make it happen.  I am actually pretty excited about my week to come.  I should have a lot to talk to you guys about next week.  Probably if I can too bored and feel like I have too much time on my hands, I might end up blogging earlier than usual.  In any event, I look forward to sharing with you guys.

And so it begins…

27 Dec

I have finally done it. I have finally created my tech blog! I have been talking about doing this for awhile and now in the wee hours of the morning a few days before the new year I have actually done. What better way then the beginning of a new year to jump into a new venture, a new blog. Hopefully the stuff I plan on posting here can help you guys and my friends out. Every now and then I plan on posting information that I have passed along to friends. Hopefully when I help them out or give them info, I can remember to post it here. That way they will have a reference point for when I am not available and they need to recall something I told them in the past. It is also my hope that people stop by not just to see what I have posted but for educational purposes as well. I look forward to welcoming the world into my world. The world of an Artist who knows Tech