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Random Shots taken with Canon t2i

21 Apr
Hey Techsters…these are just a few photos that I took around Baltimore the other day with my DSLR…I started tweaking a few of them in different programs trying to see what I could pull out of them and how I could best take advantage of the composition. I’ll post more sometime next week. I might post the ones that I decide to use as part of my 6X6 series for you guys.
Until then…






Canon Rebel EOS T2i

11 Apr

So I have been playing around with my Canon T2i for a couple of weeks and I got to say, “Man, this is such a good camera!” I found myself looking at a few tutorials on YouTube the other day about the camera and I found out that I have yet to scratch the surface on its awesomeness. This was a great purchase for me.

I want to get some more time in with the camera before I give my full impression of it. But I got to say, so far I am blown away and this in some circles is considered an entry-level, beginner DSLR. I will post my findings for you guys shortly.

Until then…