The Mac Attack or Take a bite out of the APPLE…(Repost*)

2 Dec

Hey faithful few!  I am typing this weeks post, my first of the last month of the year, on my brand new MacBook Pro.  I have been using it for almost a week now and I gotta say playing around in this OSX ecosystem has been fun.  I’m not saying that its better than Windows but for the devices that I currently own (iPad and iPhone) it handles them quite well.  One of the main reasons is iCloud.  It really works in unison with all the devices.  One thing that APPLE still sucks at is iMessages but that not what this blog is about today.

One day I might feel differently but I gotta say right now I am loving being an Apple Fanboy.  I am still getting used to the different nuisances of the OS but I have to say its a really fluid experience.  I believe that is do to the IOS feel of OS X Mountain Lion.  The swiping, the gestures, the setup of OS…everything about this this system under the hood of a baseline system is great.  When it comes to power in cased in simplicity, Apple really shines.  As windows begins to really push high-end systems, that in some way mimic the simplicity of Apple, I am curious to see how they do.  I have had some experience with Windows 8 and right now in my opinion, it is really geared to the touchscreen  experience.  I just wonder if the influx of Windows Ultrabooks will catch up to what Windows 8 is.  In the mean time if you are in the market for a new computer and have never had a Mac, I would suggest you give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did.  I know I am.  Until next time…

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Death of a Computer…Or Equivalent Exchange

25 Nov

So for sometime now I figured my computer was going to go kaputsky. 2 of my 4 USB ports have been non-functional for over a year…the display used to fizzle out on me a lot and sometimes the computer would cut off or go to sleep while I was in the middle of doing something. Then a few months ago, my DVD burner ceased to function anymore. So I figured I had a couple of months to go as I'd plan on getting something new for my birthday. But this past week my computer had plans of its on. It felt it after 3 long years of being a workhorse that it wanted to be retired. So it as a whole ceased to function. So I had to move on early then I wanted/had planned on.

In the early hours of the morning on Black Friday, I became an “unofficial” Apple fanboy. I say unofficial because I am still apart of the android ecosystem due to my Nexus 7 so I don't quite bleed Apple through and through…Even though I used Macs some in college, I credit the missus with getting me into the modern iteration of Apple (she had an iPhone and I almost fell in love with it instantaneously). After that I always had an iPhone handy with what ever phone I actually had when I was with T-Mobile that way I could switch out the sim card and still enjoy carrying an iPhone from time to time. I also got the 1st gen iPad and then I upgraded to the 2nd gen iPad. But through all of that, I've had a PC. That all changed at 3:47AM on the morning of November 23rd. I purchased a MacBook Pro. I am pretty excited about getting to know this ecosystem as an everyday user. Having an iPhone and an iPad is in away being apart of it but actually using the ecosystem as a whole is something entirely different. Right off the bat I had to make a decision on whether or not I was going to get a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. From the reviews and countless videos I watched on YouTube, it was clear the obvious choice was the MacBook Pro seeing as though I plan on using a lot of The Adobe Suite and there were reports of the MacBook Air overheating pretty quick…not too mention that I would have to buy the upgrades to it right away as upgrading it afterwards meant having to take it to an apple store or buying the next model up. So I settled on getting the Pro. I should have it in my possession on Monday and I will share my initial experience with you guys at some point I'm the near future. Until then…


Canon EOS Rebel T2i revisited.

25 Aug

So the last couple of days I got around to updating my Magic Lantern firmware on my camera and I added a couple of new picture styles. I also set my camera up with my computer and with Adobe Lightroom 4. I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time with that program.
Today I took some pictures and videos using the new picture styles and software. As soon as I get them onto my computer I will post my trials. A few weeks ago I brought this Macro Extender for my lens that I got to play around with and man it makes me want to go out and purchase an actual Macro lenses. Man them images are so nice!

Well that’s all for now. I’ll post as soon as I get some free time.

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Review…

10 Jun

I am typing this using my new bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Its pretty cool but also weird at the same time. The keyboard is probably the same width as the the on-screen keyboard but it gives your more viewable screen space on your iPad. I also found out that certain word processing apps don’t exactly work with the bluetooth keyboard. I am using Pages to type this post out. IA Writer didn’t seem to recognize the keyboard actions(EDIT: I stand corrected, IA Writer does recognize the keyboard). I do know that it works in notes and reminders but IA Writer and Pages are the only word processing apps that I currently have.


The keyboard has a row of function keys that actually controls functions on the iPad. One day to bring up the on-screen keyboard as well. There are keys to adjust the brightness as well as the volume. There are even keys to control the music and video player. There is also dedicated keys for the home button and spotlight search, which works just like they do directly on the iPad. The keys are spaced pretty decently and the don’t fill cramped which is great since its not a full size keyboard. I have yet to see how long it last on a single charge since this is just my second use of it since i got it on Thursday. I will update you guys on this when I find out. I’ve included a few pics of the keyboard and of it attached to my iPad. I just thought i would give you guys a little review of this Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard. You can pick one up on Amazon for as little as $20 before shipping. Great deal.











Random Shots taken with Canon t2i

21 Apr
Hey Techsters…these are just a few photos that I took around Baltimore the other day with my DSLR…I started tweaking a few of them in different programs trying to see what I could pull out of them and how I could best take advantage of the composition. I’ll post more sometime next week. I might post the ones that I decide to use as part of my 6X6 series for you guys.
Until then…





Canon Rebel EOS T2i

11 Apr

So I have been playing around with my Canon T2i for a couple of weeks and I got to say, “Man, this is such a good camera!” I found myself looking at a few tutorials on YouTube the other day about the camera and I found out that I have yet to scratch the surface on its awesomeness. This was a great purchase for me.

I want to get some more time in with the camera before I give my full impression of it. But I got to say, so far I am blown away and this in some circles is considered an entry-level, beginner DSLR. I will post my findings for you guys shortly.

Until then…

A little something something…

8 Mar

Hey tech fans, I know it’s been a minute but I been busy busy busy busy. I probably post something for you guys soon. Maybe I’ll post my feeling s on the “NEW” iPad. Who knows…